Since 2018 United Medical Company is engaged in Building Walk-In Clinics according to Swiss Standard abroad. Currently we are Involved in 3 Projects.


Istanbul Airport

The New Istanbul Airport is one of the Biggest of Europe and will Serve for 200 Mio Passengers/ year. Profit from the United Medical Company Service. A top modern Walk- In Clinic and Office of United Medical Company opened in November 2019.

Netherlands Airport

In the Netherlands UMC provided a office for medical tourism and second opinion according to Swiss Standards. Due of the lack of specialists and long waiting time, we took the change and put a UMC office to fulfill the Swiss Medical Service for our Patients. We opened the office in August 2020.

Dubai Airport

Dubai Airport is one of the key Airport for transit flights. Yearly the Airport is visited by 88 Mio Passengers. Our modern Walk-In Clinic will provide you the medical Service you need. Close Partnership to the local Hirslanden Clinic completes the Service. The Clinic started in February 2020.